About us

FLINTAB is a privately owned company founded in 1991 and it's area of ​​activity is design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service of electronic weighing systems.

Our entry on the Romanian market started as a subsidiary of the well-known international group FLINTAB Sweden and has benefited from the beginning from the know-how of the group. FLINTAB - as a pioneer in the field at that moment - has installed the first large electronic scales (road and rail weighbridges) in Romania, having now an excellent portfolio of clients.
From that time, we have settled in Romania our facilities for steel structure manufacturing and built our nice company offices http://www.truckscales.ro/truck-scales-manufacturing and http://www.neobusinesscenter.ro.

Our main products are normal and special truck scales www.truckscales.ro and rail scales, In-Motion rail weighbridges, Off Highway and Mining Truck scales, hopper weighers / continuous flow scales http://en.flintab.ro/discontinuous-totalisers/, belt weighers, platform scales, industrial automation for weighing based processes (filling, dosing, recipees, etc.)

For electronics, we are working with our German strategic partners: FLINTEC load cells www.flintec.com and SysTec digital weight indicators www.systecnet.com. All our products are approved in European Community legal-for-trade by PTB Germany and NMi Holland Notified Bodies.

In more than 25 years of existence, FLINTAB boasts a growing, high-impact products and development capability that supports the most powerful brand in the market of electronic weighing high-capacity systems. We are the leading company in Romania, with +1700 truck scales and almost 200 rail weighbridges installed and FLINTAB continues to reach new targets, always focused on the company's vision, "dedicated to performance".

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