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Commercial weighing scales guarrantees the correct flow of goods.

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The Overhead Monorail scale is a complete weighing assembly that can be installed as part of a new or existing rail system from slotherhouses or for processing facilities that use overhead rail ssystems for material This overhead monorail scale is ideal for beef, pork, and lamb operations that use an overhead rail system to transport carcasses. The weighing unit is a section of industry-standard rail supported by one or four load cells.

Easily adaptable with any type of monorail track systems, even already existing ones.
Ideal as a performance-quality-price ratio.
Certificate for commercial transactions (Legal-for-Trade applications).
Maximum protection in harsh environments:
- Weighing cells in stainless steel construction, degree of protection IP68/IP69K
- Digital weight indicator in stainless steel housing, degree of protection IP68 (IP69).
Structure for easy cleaning. The smooth surface prevents the formation of incrustations and the proliferation of microorganisms.
Hermetic junction box and shielded cable fitted with connection with Digital weight Indicator.

TAKT 1 cell

TAKT 1 loadcell

TAKT 4 cells

TAKT 4 loadcells

Available versions:
A. Overhead monorail weighing scale with one single point load cells:
- track section weighing length max. 400 mm.
- weighing range: 100 Kg; 150 Kg; 300 Kg;

2 versions of construction:
- Galvanised iron structure with aluminium FLINTEC PC60 load cell IP67
- Stainless steel structure with stainless steel FLINTEC PC7 load cell IP68/IP69K

B. Overhead monorail weighing scale with four beam load cells:
- track section weighing length up to 1000 mm.
- weighing range: 150 Kg; 300 Kg; 600 Kg; 1000 Kg

2 versions of construction:
- Galvanised iron structure with four stainless steel FLINTEC SB14 load cell IP68/IP69K
- Stainless steel structure with four stainless steel FLINTEC SB14 load cell IP68/IP69K

- Models with special sizes and capacities
- Possible adaptations with customer’s truck section (round pipe, bars and other rail track configuration)
- Special assembly for suspended mounting to existing ceiling with galvanized threaded rods, adjustable horizontally and vertically.

SB14 loadcell

SB14 loadcell

Digital weighing indicators:
- Fully equipped FLINTAB BX21S digital weighing indicator or SysTec IT6000 programable indicator in fully equipped stainless steel housings
- Secure interface for RS232 serial communication> control memory (“aliby” DSD Data Storage Device)
- Uniquely identified records (0..9999) for the assessment of weighing traceability
- MCP (Multi Cell Processing Technology)
- A/D converter with analog and digital filters> digital calibration, via dedicated menu
- On/Off keyboard, Sum, Piece counting, Zero, Hard, Print, Function
- Continuous monitoring of errors with alarm indication
- Working temperature: -20° C..+65° C
- Power supply: 230Vac / 50Hz and 7.4Vdc (7.4Vdc / 2Ah battery)

BX21S indicator

BX21S indicator

IT6000E indicator

IT6000E indicator

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