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Commercial weighing scales guarrantees the correct flow of goods.

Choose a trademark scale.
Steel carbon weighing platform having a rigid structural frame, height 90-120mm. The assembly is painted with metallic paint and industrial gray primer coating against corrosion.
Weighing platform for Euro pallets, rigid frame. It is equipped with 4-cell weighing system using stainless steel FLINTEC SLB with IP67 protection standard.
SOLO weighing platforms stainless steel construction. The size is 600x800mm with a height of 130mm. The 4 legs are adjustable. The second embodiment offers weigh cell of aluminum or stainless steel.
Circular weighing platform with a rigid structural framework, destined for special applications: liquefied gas cylinders weighing. Corrosion protection is provided by the primer and industrial paint. The four stainless steel load cells are FLINTEC SLB with IP68 protection standard.

Lifting platform

Descending platform

BX21 – High resolution scale – 30000g x 1g

BX21 – Dynamic Weighing

BX21 – Manual checkweighing by Weight

BX21S – Manuel checkweighing by Count

BX21S – High resolution scale – 600kg x 20g

BX21S – Portion scale with Touchless TARE

BX21S – Lift Scale -1500kg x 200g

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